Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kazemi has announced that in a strategic Baghdad-Washington dialogue, the two sides have agreed on US troops to withdraw from the country.

Iran Press/Middle East: Al-Kazemi said that Baghdad had achieved a great achievement in strategic dialogues.

He stressed that the talks focused on the principle of sovereignty and the interests of Iraq and that we had achieved great results.

The Iraqi prime minister highlighted that the US withdrawal from Iraq was approved by all negotiators and that the decision of the Iraqi parliament to expel foreign forces from the country was recognized.

He explained that there would be cooperation in economic relations and other areas with the United States and that Iraq had made great strides in strategic dialogue.

Meanwhile, the Iraqi and US governments issued a joint statement on Friday morning stressing the need to reduce US troops from Iraq, following strategic talks between the two countries on Thursday evening.

The strategic dialogues between Iraq and the United States began on Thursday evening Baghdad time via video conference with the participation of political and expert teams from both sides.

Regarding the strategic talks between Iraq and the US, the Prime Minister said that his government would not be short on the issue of independence and preservation of Iraq's national sovereignty.


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