The results of the latest poll in the United States show that the approval of the president's performance in various sectors has decreased by 10%.

Iran Press/America: According to the Hill news website, based on the Gallup poll, supporters of US President Donald Trump's policies and actions among the nation's population have fallen from 49 percent in May to 39 percent this month.

Reducing of Trump's approval rating is followed after dissatisfaction with his stance on the brutal murder of black-and-white American George Floyd by a white police officer, as well as the Trump administration's mismanagement of the Corona epidemic.

According to a new Gallup poll, Trump's approval rating among Republican supporters has dropped by about 7 percent, the highest level in nearly two years.

Also, only 5% of Democrats approve of the performance of the President of the United States.

Following the brutal murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis by a white officer, various American cities and states continue to be the scene of protests against racism.

US Police in riot gear police have resorted to immoral and inhumane methods to suppress protesters such as running over by a car or direct shooting..


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