Urmia (IP) - The head of Iran’s Department of Environment Isa Kalantari stated that Wetlands and lakes are part of the environment, and wherever they dry up, the environment in that area will be in distress.

Iran PressIran news: Talking to Iran Press, Isa Kalantari by stressing on the huge impact of Lake Urmia's revival on preserving the environment of the region, noted: "Before Lake Urmia's revival, it had an area of 504,000 hectares, which had reached 160,000 hectares with a density of more than %50 salt."

He added before the revival of Lake Urmia, Tabriz and Urmia cities were surrounded by salt dust, and the region's environment was at risk of particles. 

It would cost a thousand billion dollars if it was supposed to evacuate Lake Urmia area due to salt dust, but by reviving Lake Urmia at a cost of 10,000  billion tomans, or about 550 million dollars, the problem was solved, head of Iran’s Department of Environment said.

If Lake Urmia was not revived, the lake's salt dust would float to 450 km, endangering both the environment and the wildlife, he concluded.


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