The United States expanded sanctions on Iran’s shipping industry, blacklisting the Islamic Republic of Iran Shipping Lines (IRISL) and its Shanghai-based subsidiary, E-Sail Shipping Company Ltd, along with more than 100 ships and tankers.

Iran Press/America: The US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo claimed that IRISL has repeatedly transported items related to Iran’s alleged ballistic missile and military programs.

He stated that IRISL is also a longstanding carrier of other dual-use items, including items that can be used in Iran’s nuclear program. 

He had announced the measures six months ago, saying that the US would delay implementation for 180 days to allow exporters to find alternative ways to ship humanitarian goods to Iran.

Iran and the 5+1 reached a historic agreement in July 2015 to lift sanctions on Iran and to suspend some of its nuclear activities, but in May 2018, Trump unilaterally withdrew from the agreement negotiated under his predecessor, Barack Obama, three years earlier.

Since then, the US has renewed the waivers every 60 days, with the last one on March 30.