During a meeting between the delegation of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the head of the National Reconciliation High Council of Afghanistan, Abdullah Abdullah on Tuesday night, the results of the investigation into the border incident between the two countries were discussed.

Iran Press/Asia: Mohsen Baharvand, Iran’s deputy foreign minister for international and legal affairs, arrived in Kabul on Tuesday with the heading of a delegation to investigate the May 2, 2020 incident on the Iran-Afghanistan border.

Abdullah Abdullah said in the meeting, "We want a serious and fair investigation into the incident."

Condemning the incident, Baharvand also stressed the importance of good relations between the two countries and serious cooperation with the investigation team.

Dozens of illegal Afghan migrants were killed on May 2 on the Iranian-Afghan border, and a number of others went missing.

The migrants claimed that Iranian border guards had forced them to cross the Harirud River, but Iran strongly denied the claim, saying the incident took place on Afghan soil.

Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister Baharvand strongly condemned the incident and said such actions were “not acceptable to the Iranian people and government.”

He said Iran was committed to the joint probe and wanted to “ensure justice,” it added.


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