The ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran to Venezuela said on Tuesday that Iran and Venezuela have independent policies, adding that sending Iranian tankers to Venezuela is a victory for the international community.

Iran PressAmerica: In an interview with Al-Alam, Hojjatullah Soltani, referring to the arrival of two Iranian tankers on the shores of Venezuela, described the recent days as great and historic ones for the two nations of Venezuela and Iran and said: "US unilateral sanctions against Venezuela and Iran and several other countries have lost their effectiveness."

The ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran to Venezuela also called the transfer of 9 tons of gold from Venezuela to Iran a  false claim. He noted that the Western media is trying to create a negative atmosphere against Iran and Venezuela in order to cover up their failure in the eyes of the international community.

Soltani added that there are other ways, such as bartering oil in exchange for goods and food such as coffee and cocoa, and many other goods that can be traded, but biased media published false news about Venezuela's gold exchange against Iranian fuel.

The Islamic Republic of Iran has sent five fuel tankers to support the Venezuelan government and people, which are under US economic siege.

So far, two Iranian oil tankers, Fortune and Forest, have reached the Venezuelan coast and unloaded their cargo at ports.

Three other Iranian oil tankers, the Clavell, Faxon and Petunia, are also moving to the Venezuelan coast as the Fortune and Forest tankers did.

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro on Sunday night praised the Islamic Republic of Iran's support for the Venezuelan government and people, saying Venezuela is not alone and has brave friends to stand by.

"Where imperialist countries want to impose their rules by force, only brotherhood can save free people," Maduro added.


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