Tehran (IP)- The 11th round of Iran's parliament will be inaugurated by the attendance of 276 parliamentarians, deputy executive of the parliament Gholamreza Nouri said on Tuesday.

Iran pressIran news: Deputy executive of the parliament, Gholamreza Nouri in a press conference described the details of tomorrow’s inauguration ceremony.

The main difference between tomorrow’s inauguration with previous ones is observing health protocols due to the coronavirus epidemic which has limited the number of guests we used to invite, Nouri said.

Tomorrow’s program begins at 8:00 local time by the attendance of 276 MPs, he added.

Clarifying the plan, Nouri went on to say that firstly a report of the session will be given, secondly the Interior Minister Abdoreza Rahmani Fazli gives his report and then the president Hassan Rouhani delivers his speech.

"We cannot attend Imam Khomeini’s holy shrine, as we used to, due to the coronavirus condition, and after the ceremony we will attend the tomb of Unknown Martyrs in the parliament’s yard instead", he noted.

The executive committee of the parliament will be formed based on age in which the oldest member, Seyyed Reza Taqavi will chair the session, Nouri stated.

The parliamentarian will decide on the date for the second session of the parliament which is probably on May 28, he concluded.

The 11th round of Iran's parliament will be broadcast live by Iran Press news agency. 


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