Tehran (IP) - Iran's President referring to the achievement of various projects in oil industry, stressed more work to develop oil, gas and petrochemical projects in the country.

Iran Press/Iran news: Speaking on Monday with Minister of Petroleum Bijan Zanganeh by telephone, Hassan Rouhani received the latest report on the situation of priority oil, gas and petrochemical projects this year, referring to the direct impact of this sector on the country's surge in production, and saying, "We must attempt to put all oil projects, especially in the field of petrochemicals, into operation as soon as possible by using the power and capacities of our country's experts".

"We sincerely thank all the employees, engineers and workers of this department who have been present in their fields of work in recent months, despite the difficult conditions of the outbreak of COVID-19, in accordance with the health guidelines and have tried their best to serve the country and the people', highlighted Rouhani. 

In the same phone call, Minister Zanganeh also reported on the implementation of priority oil, gas and petrochemical projects this year, including South Pars projects, Jask Terminal project, and the 1000-kilometer Gore-Jask pipeline and petrochemical projects in the west of Karun.


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