Jordanian Prime Minister Omar Razzaz has threatened to reconsider Aman's relationship with Tel Aviv if the Zionist regime pursues its plan to annex the West Bank to occupied Palestine.

Iran Press/Middle East: Omar al-Razaz told the official Jordanian News Agency (Petra) on Thursday that if Israel carries on its plan to annex the West Bank to the occupied Palestinian territories, then Jordan would reconsider its relations with Israel.

"We do not accept unilateral Israeli action to annex Palestinian lands, in which case we will have to reconsider our relations with Israel in all its dimensions," he added. "Israel's threats to annex parts of the occupied West Bank are the midst of the outbreak of the coronavirus, and after the parliamentary elections in Israel it is clear that Tel Aviv intends to use the current situation to implement its unilateral actions."

He expressed hope that the Arab states would take a united stand against these threats and that the international community would fulfill its duty and responsibility to maintain peace not only in the region but also around the world.