Tehran (IP)- Head of Security Unit of Ministry of Tourism, Cultural Heritage, and Handicrafts Amir Rahmatollahi said that safeguarding historical objects and cultural heritage of Iran requires people's help and cooperation.

Iran Press/Iran news: He added, "It has been proven that legal deterrence was not enough to stop the crimes, so via cyberspace, we monitor and check all the sites and shut down illegal ones especially those who are selling and purchasing the historical objects mainly metal detector machines." 

Metal detectors are goods legally bound to be registered, meaning anyone to buy is required first to get a license from the Ministries of Tourism, Handicrafts, and Cultural Heritage and Mine, Industry, and Trade in order to ban historical objects and currency smuggling in the country, he said. 

Rahmatollahi noted, "Historical and cultural objects belong to people so their cooperation and help to preserve, safeguard and protection are necessary." 

913 smugglers of historical and cultural objects have been detained, 308 metal detector machines and 160 illegal sites active on historical and cultural objects shut down, said the official.


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