Foreign Ministry spokesman emphasized that the development of science and technology, especially in the field of aerospace, is the legal right of the Iranian people.

Iran Press/Iran news: Seyyed Abbas Mousavi made the remarks in response to the recent US stance on the launch of the Nour satellite into space on Thursday, adding that the successful launch of the satellite is for peaceful purposes and in line with Iran's defense policy.

He rejected and condemned the US interference in Iran's internal affairs, saying, "Such interventions would certainly not stop the Iranian people's determination to make progress."

The spokesman also stressed: "No resolution prohibits Iran from launching satellites into space, and the US reference to Resolution 2231 is certainly misplaced and untrue."

In addition, the US regime has violated the resolution by withdrawing from the Iran nuclear deal 2015 and continues to openly pressure other independent countries to violate it.

Rejecting Germany's stance on the launch, he said: "On the one hand, the German Foreign Ministry expresses concern over the launch of a satellite built by Iranian engineers, and on the other hand, the German Defense Minister has announced his decision to buy fighters capable of carrying nuclear bombs. Such double standard policies threaten the security of the region, Europe, and the world."

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