Iran Top diplomat: Iran not succumb to threats, nor hesitate to defend its territory

The spokesman for Iran's U.N. Mission questioned the presence of US forces in the Persian Gulf and called it meaningless.

Iran PressAmerica: The spokesman for Iran's U.N. Mission Alireza Miryousefi in his latest tweet released on Thursday said that In the midst of the COVID19 pandemic, the question is what the US military is doing in the Persian Gulf,7000 miles from home.

Miryousefi went on to highlight that "Iran has proven it will not succumb to intimidation and threats, nor will it hesitate to defend its territory, from any and all aggression."

US President Donald Trump recently tweeted, without mentioning the illegal presence of US ships in the Persian Gulf, that he had ordered the US Navy to fire on Iranian boats in the Persian Gulf.

The Islamic Republic has repeatedly stated that it is Iran's right to monitor foreign vessels and warplanes in the Strait of Hormuz and the Persian Gulf and that they will be dealt with in accordance with international law if they encroach on Iran's maritime and air space.


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