First round of parliamentary elections verified: Guardian Council Spox

Tehran (IP)- The Spokesman for Iran’s Guardian Council reported the confirmation of the parliamentary elections and the end of verification of the first round of the elections.

Iran PressIran News: The spokesman for the Guardian Council, Abbasali Kadkhodaei said some 4 remained voting constituencies had sent a series of reports of violations that were reviewed by the council’s investigators and the elections were finally verified in all constituencies.

“Announcing the validity of the elections in these four constituencies, the general results of the elections in all constituencies were announced and there are no more constituencies left, except for the constituencies related to the second round of elections, which we will report to the people later,” Kadkhodaei said.

He referred to the second round of the parliamentary elections, saying it will be conducted in September, based on an agreement with the Ministry of Interior, which is of course subjected to the control of coronavirus outbreak.


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