Iran, Japan to continue cooperation to revive Lake Urmia

Urmia (IP) - The director of Iran Wetlands Protection Project announced the continuation of the Japanese government's cooperation with Iran for the seventh consecutive year in reviving Lake Urmia.

Iran Press/Iran News: The director of Iran's Wetlands Protection Project Ali Arvahi praised the Japanese government's consistent cooperation in reviving Lake Urmia, saying, "Lake Urmia is now at its best situation compared to the last six years."

Referring to the implementation of Iran Wetlands Protection Project as a joint project of the Environmental Protection Agency of Iran and the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) along with the financial support of the Japanese government since 2015, he said, "Promoting inter-sectoral cooperation, social responsibility and attracting the participation of local communities to revive Lake Urmia is among the important achievements of this project over the past years."

The director of Iran's Wetlands Protection Project added, "Reducing water consumption, increasing job opportunities, and creating 30 companies are other results of this project."

Lake Urmia is the largest lake in Iran, located between the two provinces of West Azerbaijan and East Azerbaijan (northwestern Iran).


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