Iran, Belarus confer on Iranian students health conditions

Belarus (IP) - Iran’s envoy to Belarus met with the dean of Minsk State Medical University and held talks with him on the Iranian students’ health conditions and the facilitation of their return to the country.

Iran Press/Europe: Appreciating the efforts of the officials of Minsk State Medical University in protecting the students’ health, Saeed Yari stressed that the Iranian embassy is ready to cooperate with the university to improve the health of Iranian students.

The dean of Minsk State Medical University Prof. Anatoly Sikorsky presented a report on the measures the university has taken to preserve the health of all of the students and emphasized that the university has an indiscriminate view toward the health of the students regardless of their nationalities.

The two sides discussed ways to facilitate the return of Iranian students seeking to go to Iran and stressed that they would continue to consult until the necessary conditions are prepared.

The Belarusian side assured that they will take all necessary measures to cooperate with the embassy in order to solve the educational problems and concerns of Iranian students and to help them return to Iran.

About 800 Iranian students, mostly in medical sciences, are studying at the Belarusian universities with most of them studying at Minsk State Medical University.


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