Photo show that the rocket launcher in the trunk of a car.

The spokesman for the Afghan Interior Ministry Tariq Arian, said five rockets were fired at a US military base in Bagram, Parwan province, Afghanistan on Thursday morning.

Iran PressAsia:  Afghan Interior Ministry Spokesman said the rockets fired at the base around 5:40 am which caused no casualties.

Tariq Aryan, a spokesman for Interior Ministry, said the firing happened from a car in Qalacha area.

He said that the car was burnt following the firing.

While according to Afghan Khaama Press, the Afghan security officials confirmed that Taliban militants fired rockets at Bagram Airfield earlier today, Reuters reported that ISIS militant group claimed the responsibility.

Islamic State said in a statement on social media that their fighters had targeted a helicopter landing pad at Bagram, Reuters reported.

The attack comes weeks after Taliban militants and the United States reached a deal on the withdrawal of U.S.-led international troops in exchange for Taliban security guarantees. 

A Taliban spokesman said on Twitter that his group was not behind the attack.

The Afghan government has begun the release of Taliban prisoners from a jail near the Bagram base, as step to build confidence for the Taliban talks.

The Bagram base in northern Kabul is one of the largest and most well-equipped US bases in Afghanistan, which is home to hundreds of US troops, and the Taliban, which wants US troops to withdraw from the country, has repeatedly attacked the base.


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