Public health experts are worried that inevitable outbreak of Coronavirus on the world's poorest continent could become a catastrophe of unprecedented proportions.

Iran PressAfrica: According to the 'European Center for Disease Prevention and Control', so far, there are only a bit more than 65 hundred confirmed cases of COVID19 across 49 African countries, but it is likely that the true number of cases is far higher because most of the African nations have little ability to test potential cases, and many Africans themselves do not have access to modern health facilities.

In addition, a lot of people self-medicate and a lot of people use herbs in the continent to cure themselves, so no one knows the full picture and Coronavirus spread status.

Although African nations have among the youngest populations in the world, thanks to a youth boom in recent decades and that could help stem the number of serious cases of a disease, the infection may cause more serious symptoms in older people, millions in Africa are still at risk, both of the virus itself and of the economic ramifications that are likely to reverberate for years.

In addition to the ongoing conflict in some war-torn nations, a recent study found 53 percent of Africans regularly faced food shortages and in the absence of aggressive action, experts fear, that COVID-19 coupled with an economic cataclysm could compound the risk of a human tragedy on a continental scale.

The worst-case scenario is large caseloads complicated by large population movements, social disruption, political instability, and food instability; and all of that is preventable if the global community works together quickly and decisively. 212/ 104


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