Tehran (IP) - Iran's Vice President for Economic Affairs Mohammad Nahavandian said that many European countries have agreed and backed over the IMF lending to Iran, saying that efforts to free Iran's foreign assets in other countries are being taken more seriously.

Iran Press/Iran news: Expressing hope that Iran could pass through the present hardships it is facing, Iran's top official went on to say that official correspondence with the IMF has been done and international pressure has been raised with exerting more pressure on the United States in this regard.

Vice President for Economic Affairs said Iran enjoys significant reserves in the different countries which are in the central bank account but was not available due to outrageous sanctions.

Referring to the fact that Iran enjoys significant deposits over the years, Nahavadian highlighted that Iran's position in the IMF is favorable as a member of the IMF's board of directors and so is Iran's legal right enables it to use these funds under these circumstances.

Noting that the IMF has stepped in and approved special credits, Nahavndian reiterated that the world community is fully in tune with Iran, and Iran is vindicated by everyone except the United States.

"America, caught in the spell that it has made so it has violated most human and ethical principles", stressed Iran's senior official.

Iran's Vice President for Economic Affairs also urged that today is not the right time for sanctioning, but rather it is the time for states to cooperate with each other.

Nahavadian also said that some IMF board members have taken a positive stance on Iran, with some European countries have been even backing it.


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