US State Department repeats anti-Iran accusations in annual report

The US State Department, in its annual interventionist report on the human rights situation in other countries of the world, repeated its baseless accusations against Iran and other countries opposing White House policies.

Iran PressAmerica: In the report published on Wednesday, the US State Department once again has allegedly accused Iran of widespread human rights abuses in such cases as, women and minority rights.  

As it was expected, the report, like the previous ones published by the US State Department on the human rights situation in the world, the opposing countries to the US policies including Iran, Russia, and Cuba have been heavily criticized, and human rights abuses by the US allies have been reflected far from reality, Iran Press reported.

Although the report also contains criticisms of the human rights situation in some US-allied states, including Saudi Arabia, just it has been the case in recent years, the efforts have been made to cover up human rights abuses by their puppet rulers as much as possible.

The US State Department on Wednesday released its annual report on the human rights situation in the world over the past year.

The United States, in breach of its international obligations following its withdrawal from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), has reimposed sanctions against the Iranian nation and has also targeted the country’s food, drug, and medical supplies in the context of maximum pressure.


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