Tehran (IP): President said on Thursday that the great nation of Iran has been through difficulties much more tougher than what it is facing now, emphasising the whole nation still stand together to defeat Corona.

Iran Press/Iran newsHassan Rouhani in response to letter of Iran's Minister of Health Saeed Namaki called national headquarter for Corona disease management as the best source for decision making on COVID-19 management and urged all of organizations and bodies to implement according to what is going to be ratified by the headquarter.

Appreciating nurses and physicians and the treatment staff at hospitals all across Iran, for all of the sacrifices they made Rouhani announced his agreement with all of the limitations to be practiced about the educational centers according to what has been passed by the headquarters.

Rouhani asked the noble and honorable people of Iran, to refrain from travels that seem unnecessary to get through dangerous circumstances, with tolerance, empathy, peace and serious care, and adherence to health recommendations.

"Certainly the great, discerning, responsible and resilient Iranian nation that has gone through much harder and harder steps, this time will also cross the line with tact. We are all together and will definitely defeat Corona," concluded Rouhani.