Iranian director, winner of Women Leaders Award 2020 in Pakistan

The Iranian director and author Narges Abyar has won the best and most successful woman in the Islamic world award called 'Women Leaders Award 2020' in Pakistan.

Iran Press/Iran news: 'Pakistan's Women Leaders Award 2020' has been designed and developed by Hum Network Limited, a Pakistani media company and was first presented by Pakistani President Aref Alavi, Sindh Governor Imran Ismail, and a group of Pakistani political, economic, cultural and artistic officials, personalities and diplomats residing in Karachi.

The ceremony honored the Iranian director Narges Abyar in the international section, writer and women's social activist Fozia Saeed, Jinnah Post Graduate Medical Center (JPMC), Emergency Chief Simin Jamali, and Lawyer and human rights activist in the Pakistani National Section Jalila Haider.  

Narges Abyar has been a successful female novelist in Iran for the past two decades, who has become a prominent director a decade ago after creating movies based on the heroine of her stories.

Abyar has won many International awards in different film festivals for her movies such as "Track 143", "Breath" and "When the Moon Was Full".

The presence of the Iranian director and writer in Karachi and winning "Pakistan's Women Leaders Award 2020" was welcomed by different artists and cinematic personalities.


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