Tehran (IP) - 4th National innovation festival on the best Iranian products has been wrapped up on Thursday.

Iran Press/Iran news: The Closing ceremony of the 4th national festival on the best Iranian products was held in the Iranian capital of Tehran with Iran's Deputy Minister of Industry, Mine and Trade, Mohsen Salehi Nia and the President of Sharif University of Technology, Mahmoud Fotouhi in attendance.

The event has been held under the auspices of Sharif University of Technology's Policy Research Institute with the support of the knowledge-based science, technology and economy cultural development headquarter of vice presidency for science and technology affairs.

Iran's major companies have been participating at the event.

Finally, 22 Iranian products have been announced as the best products from technological products and the designers were received letter of appreciation.


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Closing ceremony of national festival on the best Iranian products to be held on Thursday

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