Gen. Mousavi: US expulsion from region, public demand

Tehran (IP) - The chief commander of the Army of the Islamic Republic of Iran has said that US deportation from West Asia has become a public demand throughout the region.

Iran PressIran news: Referring to the weakness and inactivity of the US in the current situation, and the US psychological operation following numerous defeats, Maj. Gen. Seyyed Abdul Rahim Mousavi said: "Today, thanks to the blood of the martyrs, especially the martyrs of the resistance and sacrifice fronts of the Iranian armed forces, the Islamic Iran enjoys favorable authority, dignity, and security."

General Mousavi, referring to the epic presence of the Iranian and Iraqi people at the funeral of Major General Qasem Soleimani, the commander of the IRGC Quds Force and Iran's missile attack on a major US terrorist base in Iraq said: "The US assassination of Gen. Soleimani, on the one hand, showed the cohesion and authority of Iran and on the other hand, the weakness and inability of the enemy."

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He also expressed his sympathy with the families of the Ukrainian passenger plane victims, saying that Iran's armed forces backed by the Iranian revolutionary people will not allow criminal America to undermine the valuable achievements of the Islamic system.

General Mousavi added that the Iranian sky is safer for all flights than ever and the country is ready to serve foreign airliners.

"The Iranian Armed Forces will not allow the enemy to exploit the plane crash accident, which was bitter and unfortunate for everyone, and undermine the peace and security of the country and the people of Iran through media fraud operations," he concluded. 104/207

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