Iranian deputy chief of Operations of the General Staff of Armed Forces underlined that holding joint exercises is not only useful for transferring experience, but also for producing a common guideline for upcoming naval operations.

Iran Press/Iran news: Iranian Deputy Chief of the Operations of the General Staff of Armed Forces Brigadier General Mohammad Ebrahim Dehghani in an exclusive interview with Iran Press said Iran's Army is responsible for defending the territorial integrity, goals, and interests of the Islamic Republic of Iran. 

However, he added, Islamic Revolution Guard Corps (IRGC) has its own missions in various aspects of security and construction in the country and in the regional areas.

"In fact, the joint Naval drills that were held in the region had been initially a joint drills between Iran's Army and IRGC, as well as other maritime departments of the country, including ports and Maritime Organization of the Islamic Republic of Iran and security organizations responsible for securing the country's border," he explained.

He said that there had been different discussions with the Chinese and Russian sides during the convention of the joint defense commissions for several years to hold the joint Iran-Russia-China Naval drills. 

The top-ranking military official also said that securing the northern Indian Ocean region was one of the goals of the three countries participating in the joint naval exercise. 

"This region is geopolitically a very strategic one, a junction between West and East Asia, and connects the Strait of Hormuz and the Persian Gulf, which is the center of more than 80% of the world's oil and gas resources," he said. 



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