The Iranian women's wrestling national team has won the 2019 world's female competitions held in Kazakhstan.

Iran PressAsia: Iranian women's Alish wrestling national team has won the 2019 world championship, gaining 1 gold medal, 1 silver medal, and 1 bronze medal.

Iranian men's Alish Wrestling National Team also gained the vice-championship of the competition.

Grabbing 2 silver medals and one bronze medal, respectively in 70, +100, and 65 kg weights, the Iranian males' Alish Wrestling team stood in second place in the world competition, with a total of 85 points. 

Kyrgyzstan and Mongolia also won the first and third places with 96 and 76 points, respectively.

Alish Wrestling World competitions were held on December 21-23,2019, in Nursultan, Kazakhstan. The international activities of the Alish Wrestling began in 1990.

Currently, there are 39 countries that have official federations and associations, and 58 countries informally active in the branch. 104/211/207

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