The Foreign Minister's Special Assistant in Special Political Affairs and the accompanying delegation met with the Syrian and Iraqi delegations in the 14th round of Astana talks on Syria.

Iran Press/Asia: Iran's Foreign Minister's aide in Special Political Affairs Ali-Asghar Khaji and his accompanying delegation on Wednesday met separately with envoys from Syria and Iraq in the Kazakh capital of Nur-Sultan, to discuss the latest developments in Syria, concerns about ISIL's return and the need to fight terrorists.

The latest developments in the East Euphrates, Idlib, and the Constitutional Committee were among the topics discussed according to Iran Press.

The second round of the meeting of the three-country delegation to secure the Astana negotiations, for editing of the final document of the 14th session was held on Wednesday.

Following the meeting, a four-way meeting was held with the participation of delegations from countries guaranteeing the Astana process and the UN Secretary-General's Special Representative for Syria.

At the end of these meetings, the closing session of the 14th Astana Summit was held with the participation of all the delegations including Iran, Russia and Turkey as guarantors, three observer states including Iraq, Lebanon and Jordan and the Syrian government, Syrian opposition, and the UN. 


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