Zelensky, Merkel, Macron, and Putin give a press conference after a summit on Ukraine in Paris, photo by AFP

Russian President Putin and Ukrainian President Zelenskiy agreed to commit to full and comprehensive implementation of a ceasefire in eastern Ukraine before the end of 2019.

Iran PressEurope: Meeting face to face at a four-way summit with the leaders of France and Germany in Paris, all sides also agreed to push for an "all for all" prisoner exchange by the end of the year.

Attending a joint press conference the leaders of Ukraine, France, and Germany after their meeting on Monday, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that he wants amnesty for the people who are involved in the conflict in eastern Ukraine.

Putin added that he wants a change in the Ukraine constitution to give special status to Donbass, a region in eastern Ukraine and southwestern Russia.

The leaders of Russia and Ukraine had a meeting in Paris in an attempt to find a peaceful resolution to the long-running conflict in eastern Ukraine.

The meeting –known as the Normandy Four summit– was also be attended by France’s President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

French President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Angela Merkel have previously tried to broker several peace agreements, known as the 'Minsk agreements,' but these have yet to be fully implemented. It will be the first time that Putin and Zelensky have met face to face and the first time that the Normandy Four group has met since October 2016.

Since Zelensky’s election victory in April, a kind of détente has taken place between Kiev and Moscow, symbolized by an exchange of 70 prisoners, the withdrawal of belligerent troops from three small areas on the front line, and the surrender of Ukrainian warships seized by Russia.

In 2014, after a referendum, Russia integrated Crimea, the Black Sea peninsula whose population is largely ethnically Russian but was part of Ukraine. Western powers have vowed never to recognize the integration.


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