Tehran will host Iran-Turkey joint economic commission, Iran's ICT Minister said at the sidelines of the 25th Bakutel International Exhibition.

Iran Press/Iran News: Tehran will host Iran-Turkey joint economic commission meeting in the ICT field, Iran's Minister of the Information and Communications Technology Mohammad Javad Azari Jahromi said on the sidelines of the inaugural ceremony of the 25th Bakutel International Exhibition held on December 3.

Azari Jahromi said that the delegation headed by the Turkish deputy minister of transport, maritime and communications will visit Iran soon, Iran Press reported.

Touching upon Iran-Azerbaijan bilateral relations, he emphasized that the two countries enjoy high-level relations, adding the joint economic commission is active.

Azari Jahromi expressed hope that Iranian companies, especially those companies in northeastern Iran which have more commonalities with Azerbaijan, will sign good contracts with their Azerbaijani partners.

The minister further said that the Iranian delegation will attend the Caspian Innovation Conference today.

He said the Iranian government has put on the agenda of developing cooperation in the ICT field and expressed hope for favorable results.

The Caspian Innovation Conference is an annual event of the Bakutel International Telecommunications, Innovations and High Technologies Exhibition, and year by year will cover different topics such as broadband connectivity, the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence and ICT-based startups and innovative SMEs.

The conference is organized under the theme “The Internet of Things: Cornerstone of Modern Society”. It will be focused on Internet of Things (IoT) development models, as well as the legal and regulatory framework for the deployment and usage of IoT solutions in various sectors such as infrastructure, industry, and agriculture.

Organizers of the Caspian Innovation Conference 2019 will gather representatives of governments, regulators, mobile operators, global vendors, and international organizations for the discussions to be held during the plenary sessions of the event.205/204

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