Iranian and Chinese top-ranking military officials negotiated cooperation in defense relations as the Second Iran-China Joint Commission on Military Relations took place in Tehran on Monday.

Iran Press/Iran news: Commander of Iranian Navy Rear Admiral Hossein Khanzadi and Chinese Deputy Chief of the Joint Staff Department Lieutenant General Shao Yuanming headed the negotiating delegations, military sources said.

During the meeting, Khanzadi said that now, the Iranian Navy is building all kinds of destroyers and submarines and it is developing.

The Iranian Commander referred to a summit in China on the restoration of the Silk Road, saying, given that a large part of this strategy is at sea, the role of maritime mechanisms, especially the maritime power of Iran and China, is very important.

Pointed to the joint Iran-China-Russia military drills, he said that the upcoming drill will be held under the name of the Maritime Safety Belt on December 27, adding: "We are eager to exchange information between Iran and China, including information on pirates and technical issues."

The Navy commander emphasized the importance of the destroyer and submarine capacity in a joint operation and called for technical cooperation between Tehran-Beijing to enhance the knowledge and experience of both sides.

"We have begun to build heavy surface and subsurface equipment in the near future. We will prepare and launch joint operations, exchange of technical information and research capacities with China," Rear Admiral Khanzadi added.

Lieutenant General Shao Yuanming also invited Rear Admiral Khanzadi to visit more places in China and noted that interactions between the two countries will contribute to maintaining regional security and world peace.

Chinese Deputy Chief of the Joint Staff Department referred to holding joint military drills by Iran, China, and Russia, and called Iran's Navy as an international and strategic force.

Last Saturday, Admiral Khanzadi announced the upcoming joint navy wargames by Iran, Russia, and China in the Indian Ocean, noting that the drills aim to achieve collective security and contribute to the consolidation of the security in the northern region of the Indian Ocean.



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