High Council for Human rights of Judiciary of the Islamic Republic of Iran condemned the Canadian government's action in presenting a draft resolution entitled "The Status of Human Rights in Iran" and declared it full of accusations and misinformation and in the continuation of pugnacity against Iran.

Iran Press/Iran news: The statement added that Canada's action, which coincided with the success of Iran in defending its national human rights report in the United Nations Human Rights Council, stands for the depth of the malice and an institutionalized hostility in the Western world against the free Iranian nation.

Last week, Iran's deputy envoy to the UN Eshaq Ale-Habib, at a meeting of the Third Committee of the United Nations General Assembly, while slamming the committee's anti-Iranian resolution reiterated those who have launched economic terrorism against Iranian citizens now are shedding crocodile tears.

Iran's Deputy Representative to the United Nations, criticizing the double standards of the Canadian government, said," How does Canada explain its contradictory behaviors? How is a pro-apartheid state in Palestine portraying itself as a human rights defender in Iran? It just shows a sort of hypocrisy.

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Canada's move concurrent with Iran's success in defending its National Human Rights Report to the United Nations Human Rights Council symbolizes the depth of animosity and institutionalized hostility in the Western world against the free Iranian nation.

The statement referred to the black record of Government of Canada as a false advocate of human rights in the West in systematic human rights violations, including accepting and granting impunity to terrorists, aligning with the US unilateralist policies and the Zionist regime Islamophobia with the sale of weapons, involving in the formation and intensification of regional unrest, especially in the Middle East, educating, encouraging and supporting the perpetrators of genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity in Yemen, Syria and Iraq.

Iran's Foreign Ministry spokesman Seyyed Abbas Mousavi noted that the criminal of the times that of the founders and supporters of the anti-Iranian resolution and those who have used every opportunity to commit a crime against humanity, do not have the right to comment on human rights.

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Although the Universal Declaration of Human Rights has underscored the cases such as the lack of violation of human rights, respect for the law of nations and the protection of these rights in the internal affairs of states and peace between nations, from the viewpoints of the West these values are merely superficial, and in practice what is important for the West are the political purposes under the guise of human rights while looking at the human rights should be free of any political considerations. Human Rights, in its true sense, is part of the rights that every human being is entitled to.

Mohammed Abdul-Malik al-Mutawakkil, professor of the School of Trade and Economics and the Political Science University of Sanaa in Yemen, says "Human Rights is just a slogan used by the West and Western hegemonic states with the aim of interfering in the internal affairs of other states."

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Human rights resolutions against Iran are adopted while the US as one of the main supporters through acts of economic terrorism against the people of Iran, is violating the basic rights of over 83 million Iranian citizens, especially women, children, the elderly and patients.

Due to these facts and the double standards on the human rights the West, High Council for Human rights of Judiciary of the Islamic Republic of Iran in its statement said the Government of Canada presented a draft resolution entitled "Situation of human rights in Iran" to the Third Committee of the UN General Assembly which is the symbol of hatred and misuse of the mechanisms of the international community in the field of human rights. 101/211/205

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