The head of the General Staff of Iran's Armed Forces said that Iranian Armed Forces have managed to defeat the enemy in various fields, by designing native warfare methods and creating an intelligence and security forces.

Iran Press/ Iran news: Addressing the first National Conference on Islamic Governance in Tehran on Monday,  Maj. Gen. Mohammad Bagheri pointed to the achievements of Iranian Armed Forces and said: "Today, Iran has much to say in the field of defense, such as missiles and telecommunications, at the regional and global level."

"Relying on people, Iran's Armed Forces have made progress in the military and defense fields," Maj. Gen Bagheri added.

He also reiterated that today, Iran is not dependent on any other country and is totally self-reliant.

The first National Conference on Islamic Governance was held on Monday, at the University and Institute of National Defense and Strategic Research, presented by state and military figures, intellectuals, elites and experts in the field of Islamic governance.


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