Iran's Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) Chief Commander has said that since the victory of the Islamic Revolution, the US' power has begun declining.

Iran Press/Iran News: Speaking in the unveiling ceremony of new murals of the US former embassy (known as Den of Spy) on Saturday in Tehran, Major General Hossein Salami noted that since the victory of Islamic Revolution, the US' power has begun declining, because it has had to descend to operational level from strategic level.  

"Once the world was used to see that nations bear spending cost and the US would exploit it, but now it is vice versa with the US bearing the costs and its enemies exploiting that," Salami said according to Iran Press

General Salami stated that the US is the first country to achieve nuclear weapons, using them twice and claimed hundreds of thousands of lives, so the US is not in a position to depict itself as one fighting nuclear weapons.

"While the US regime threatens the whole world to devastate, it hinders other countries, including Iran, to develop their nuclear plants for peaceful use," the IRGC commander said.

He referred to the US human rights issue, noting that the US pretends to support human rights everywhere, but raids the wedding ceremony in Afghanistan and attacks on Iraqi people at midnight.

"Are the dreadful Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib prisons as well as the jails elsewhere in the world human rights symbols?" he asked, going on to say: "This is a new description of human rights in the American literature. In the US view, no point in the world deserves a secure and honorable life; the world must bear the cost of the US megalomania. Will the world accept this bitter reality?"

The Iranian top General said that the US has set vital interests for itself in many parts of the world, but the awareness of nations and the extra-geographical uprising against the regime have led them to directly expand their military power too much.

"For the first time in years, the US has not been able to balance their spending and achievements even in the economic area; the more they spend, the more they fail," the IRGC commander said.

The unveiling ceremony of new murals of the US Den of Spies kicked off with the speech of Mohammad Javad Nikravesh the head of the organization of Student Basij in the former US embassy in Iran, known as the US Den of Spies on Saturday.

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