The Head of the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB) voiced Iran's readiness to cooperate with China in cultural and media fields.

Iran PressIran news: In a meeting with visiting Chinese ambassador to Tehran Chang Hua on Thursday, the Head of IRIB Abdol-Ali Ali-Askari noted that Iran and China have strategic relations.

"The cultural and media cooperation between the two countries should be developed to help strengthen the interaction of the two countries in other fields," Ali-Askari added.

"Despite the hostility and mischief of the US and its allies, the Islamic Republic of Iran has become a great power in the region," Ali-Askari added. 

"Iran and China are now at the forefront of the media war imposed by the US and Tehran and Beijing should cooperate in the field of media," he continued.

The Head of IRIB said that Iran, China, and Russia are at a historic turning point, adding: "These countries should have a special international impact and this would be achievable by expanding relations, especially in cultural and media fields."

For his part, the Chinese ambassador to Tehran said that strengthening media cooperation between China and Iran is necessary, adding that the expansion of media cooperation would make the two countries more aware of each other and also neutralizes the western media's negative propaganda towards Tehran and Beijing.


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