The governor of Karbala province in Iraq, Nasif al-Khatabi, has said the enemies are trying to subvert peaceful protests in Karbala, deliberately targeting some of the protesters and instigating violence.

Iran Press/Middle East: Commenting further Nasif al-Khatabi said some of the enemies have been disappointed by the fact that Daesh terrorists have been unable to infiltrate Karbala, and they are now trying to instigate violence and are behind the spread of doctored and fake video footage of the recent protests.

The governor of Karbala province added: "There have been peaceful protests in Karbala and the Iraqi government does not have any problems with peaceful protests. But some individuals were trying to target and harm peaceful protesters, deliberately trying to introduce violence," Iran Press reported.

 Nasif al-Khatabi went on to emphasize that Karbala province remains open to Muslim pilgrims from all countries who are visiting Iraq.

A number of Iraqi provinces have witnessed demonstrations in recent weeks, protesting the inadequate public service situation, lack of job opportunities and corruption, but the protests have turned violent in recent days and dozens have been killed and injured. 101/211

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