Iranian Permanent Representative to the Third Committee of the UN General Assembly Mohammad Hasani-Nejad PHOTO: by IRNA

Iran’s Permanent Representative to the Third Committee of the UN General Assembly condemned the UN rapporteur over his new biased report on human rights practices in Iran.

Iran Press/America: In a meeting of the committee focusing on report by Javid Rehman, UN Special Rapporteur on the human rights situation in Iran on Wednesday, Mohammad Hasani-Nejad said the new report by Rehman is in line with the US' policy of economic terrorism, noting that dictators cannot make statements on the human rights situation in Iran.

He added that the issue of Iran has never been raised in the committee for the sake of human rights.

Hasani-Nejad said, "Those who are claiming to be advocating values in the world have acted more like dictators."

He continued, "The report and this show have nothing to do with the human rights situation in Iran because as soon as Iran changes its relations with the United States, as soon as it changes its position on Israeli apartheid and the occupation of Palestine, these symbols will disappear."

Iran's envoy to the United Nations stressed, "Their anger against Iranians today has nothing to do with human rights. They are sad because they are no longer able to decide our future, unlike the past."

"Why should one accept the racists, colonialist and dictators' recommendations' regarding human rights?" he wondered.

Hasani-Nejad went on to say, "Today, Iranians are working to protect human rights against the genocide of economic terrorism committed by the United States."

Iranian minorities have peaceful coexistence

Referring to what has been said about Iran's religious and ethnic minorities, he said, Iranians have coexisted for thousands of years in peace and harmony regardless of their ethnic or racial differences. "What brings us together is not our distinct languages, beliefs and ethnicities, but our shared history, dreams, values, joys and sorrows under the territory we call 'Iran'," Hasani-Nejad added.

Rehman tone contrary to the UN Charter

Hassani Nejad said Rehman has outlined his personal prejudices in the report, adding that the publication of fake news and repeated personal narratives on the laws - in particular, the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Iran - are some of the major flaws in the report. In addition, his activities over the past 12 months only reflect his disrespect for the UN Charter, which clearly recognizes the equal sovereignty of its member states, as well as the Human Rights Council's Code of Conduct calling for impartiality and It's professionalism.


Human rights defenders have been silent about Israel

The diplomat of the Islamic Republic of Iran added that whenever the Special Rapporteur reports on Palestine, countries such as Britain, the US, and Canada do not even bother to say a word about daily apartheid carried out by Israel.