Tehran’s Interim Friday Prayers leader, Mohammad Javad Haj Ali Akbari, referred to Arbaeen's Trek alignment against enemies, saying that when 30 million people are participating in this great march for love of Imam Hussein (PBUH), this shakes the arrogant powers and the Great Arbaeen Walk has become a nightmare for the enemies.

Iran Press /Iran News: Tehran’s Interim Friday Prayers leader, Mohammad Javad Haj Ali Akbari, in his second sermon in Tehran said the Arbaeen march provides a great social capital for the Muslim community and the devotees of Ahlul-Beit. This is the privilege of this great march. Strengthening shared identities and diminishing ethnic identities will cause subcultures to melt in this sea and bring about a brotherhood of faith, Iran Press reported.

Tehran’s Interim Friday Prayer Leader said that from the point of view of civilization and the formation of modern Islamic civilization, the Leader's interpretation is that the expansion of Imam Hussein's teachings by Arbaeen is one of the foundations of that great cause and noted that the decline of world arrogance is another message. Arbaeen is a great accelerator of the decline of arrogance.

He stated that it is the power of Arbaeen that gathers everyone, adding "The logic of Arbaeen is the logic of resistance, the logic of sincere hope, the logic of restlessness and endurance, the logic of conquering the enemy, the logic of alignment against the enemy, the logic of bravery."

"This logic makes us successful in self-improvement and building civilization," he added. 101/211/216

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