Russia, China veto UN resolution calling for ceasefire in Syria. Photo by Al Jazeera

Russia and China have vetoed a United Nations Security Council resolution that called for a truce in the region of Idlib.

Iran Press/America: Russia's 13th veto came as the draft didn't include an exemption for military attacks against UN-blacklisted fighter groups, Al Jazeera reported.

The resolution said, "All parties shall immediately cease hostilities to avoid a further deterioration of the already catastrophic humanitarian situation in Idlib Governorate, beginning at noon Damascus time on 21 September 2019."

Russia vetoed the call for action because it did not include an exemption for military offensives against the UN-blacklisted fighter groups.

It was the 13th time Russia vetoed a resolution on the Syrian conflict and the seventh in the case of China.

Equatorial Guinea abstained, while the remaining 12 members of the council voted in favor of the resolution, which was drafted by Kuwait, Belgium, and Germany.

"As co-penholders of the humanitarian file for Syria in the Council, we would like to call upon all member states to vote in favor of our resolution," the three drafters said. 

Russia and China have presented a joint alternative resolution, which specifies that the ceasefire would not apply to military operations against individuals, groups or entities "associated with terrorist groups".

Voting on that resolution could happen on Thursday.


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