Tehran (IP) - Iran's Vice President for Parliamentary Affairs has called for the release of an imprisoned Iranian scientist, who is currently in a prison in the United States, saying the case against him is legally weak.

Iran Press/Iran news: Hossein-Ali Amiri said there is no justification whatsoever for the arrest and imprisonment of Iranian scientist Dr. Masoud Soleimani, who had entered the United States legally, with a valid visa, to attend a scientific conference.

His arrest and imprisonment is certainly questionable as we are not aware of any wrongdoing on the part of university researcher and professor, Dr. Soleimani, Amiri said in an interview with Iran Press.

The Vice President for Parliamentary Affairs added: "We hope the situation regarding Dr. Soleimani can be sorted out soon so that he will be released from prison and allowed to return home to Iran to reunite with his family who is understandably very worried about him."

As one of the world's top-100 scientists in terms of scientific citations, Masoud Soleimani received an official invitation from the US Mayo Clinic Institute on October 2018 and entered the country with official-research visa, but he was arrested without trial upon his arrival.

He is now jailed in tough and inhumane conditions beside drug offenders and street rabble.101/211

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