Iranian foreign minister said on Wednesday night that the relationship between Tehran and Kuala Lumpur is very close.

Iran Press/Asia: Asked about his trip to Malaysia, Iranian foreign minister Mohammad Javad Zarif has said the relationship between Tehran and Kuala Lumpur is very close and it was necessary to have further discussions with our friends in Malaysia about bilateral ties, as well as cooperation within the Islamic World, and regional cooperation.

Zarif added: "Malaysian Prime Minister,  Mahathir Mohamad is due to visit Iran in the near future and there will be talks about cooperation within the Islamic world. Also, Iran and Malaysia as two advanced nations within the world of Islam will also hold discussions on a host of issues.

"I shall also discuss with Malaysian officials areas where cooperation between Tehran and Kuala Lumpur is possible. There are also some problems which Iranian students living in Malaysia are experiencing and these will also be discussed with Malaysian officials, and hopefully, we will find ways of resolving these issues", Iranian foreign minister noted.

Asked about his itinerary, Zarif said: "On Thursday morning I shall have a working breakfast with my Malaysian counterpart, then I will deliver a speech at a think tank, and after that there will be a meeting with the Malaysian prime minister [Mahathir Mohamad], and after that I shall have a meeting with prominent Iranians living in Malaysia."


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