The Chief of Staff of Iran's Armed Forces noted that Iran has made eye-catching progress in the aerospace industry, with impressive achievements.

Iran Press/Iran news: In a visit to Defence Industries' Aerospace Industry Organisation, Major General Mohammad Hossein Bagheri said today the defense industry sector acts as a driving engine for Iran's economy, assisting other industries in their modernization and progress, contributing significantly to the auto-industry with many auto components being manufactured by the defense sector.

Major General Bagheri praised the role of armed forces in helping industry modernize, moving the country towards progress, acting as the driving engine for Iran's industrial sector, and promoting knowledge at a time of foreign-imposed sanctions after the victory of the Islamic Revolution, Iran Press reported.

General Bagheri noted that the Defence Industry began by producing a number of simple equipment and pieces, today reaching the threshold of self-sufficiency in manufacturing, making high-quality modern aircraft engines and helicopter motors.

The precious achievements, he remarked, showed that sanctions against the Iranian nation and Defense Industries could turn into an opportunity for the Islamic Republic, pushing the country towards the zenith of power and authority.

"Creating an effective deterrence in a world where sanctions have closed all doors to us is feasible but only through domestic research and production, relying on our own young scientists and engineers, as well as manufacturing equipment at home, here in Iran," General Bagheri noted. 101/211/215

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