A Palestinian man was pronounced dead shortly after Israeli forces detained him on Thursday morning.

Yassin al-Saradih's family members said he was violently attacked by soldiers who arrived to arrest him and was taken away from his home.

The family asked to have an autopsy performed and contrary to Israeli Army Report, Autopsy shows Palestinian man who died in custody was shot.

A Palestinian died after being arrested by Israeli soldiers on Thursday night, with security camera footage capturing his beating.

Security cameras captured video of Israeli Defense Force soldiers kicking and beating a Palestinian identified as Yassin al-Saradih repeatedly.

At the end of the video, a soldier is seen beating the Palestinian with his rifle.

According to the Palestinian Prisoner's Society, Saradih, 36, died shortly after the beating. The organization said he sustained multiple seizures while IDF troops fired heavy amounts of tear gas into a crowd he was in prior to his arrest and death.

The Palestinian Information Ministry also said about 20 soldiers had administered a "heavy beating" to al-Saradih, especially on his stomach and back.

The Palestinian Information Ministry views his martyrdom shortly after his arrest and called it, "a cold-blooded execution".

Although, earlier Friday the Israeli army said al-Saradih had died from smoke inhalation.