A US service member was killed in Afghanistan on Saturday, taking the death toll of US military personnel in Afghanistan to 11 so far this year.

Iran Press/Asia:  A spokesman for NATO 'the Resolute Support mission' said that under NATO policy, no additional information will be released until 24 hours after the family had been notified.

The statement did not provide any details surrounding the circumstances of the soldier’s death.

The announcement brings the total number of US troop deaths in Afghanistan this year to 11, according to 'iCasualties', a website that tracks casualties of US forces in Afghanistan and Iraq.

On 26 June, two United States soldiers were killed during a military operation in Afghanistan bringing to ten the number of American military fatalities in the country this year.

The two, part of a Special Forces team, were killed by small-arms fire in southern Uruzgan province, American defense officials said.

The Taliban who have participated in peace talks with the US have already accepted responsibility for the killing.

Since last September the United States military have tried to bring the Taliban to the negotiating table to end the nearly 18-year Afghan conflict, the longest war in US history.  101/211/205

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