Iran's envoy to the United Nations said that the US and some European states support MKO which is responsible for killing thousands of Iranian civilians.

Iran PressIran news: Addressing the United Nations Security Council meeting on 'Threats to international peace and security, linkages between international terrorism and organized crime', Majid Takht Ravanchi highlighted the fact that Iran is the victim of the activities of both terrorist groups and transnational criminals and, at the same time, at the forefront of combating both threats.

Takht Ravanchi said: "The MKO, which is responsible for the killing of at least 12,000 Iranian civilians and many Iraqi citizens, as well as a number of other nationalities, continues to receive funds from certain countries in the region while enjoying the support of certain states, including European countries," IRNA reported.

"In the past four decades, 17,161 Iranian citizens, including almost 200 high-ranking political figures, among them one President, one Prime Minister, one Judiciary Chief, one Deputy Chief of Armed Forces and 27 MPs, as well as four nuclear scientists, have been martyred by foreign-backed terrorist groups," he explained.

The Iranian envoy also referred to America's de-listing of MKO as a terrorist group and said MKO is now active in the United States and its members are closely cooperating with the US intelligence community for disruptive and destructive plots and plans against Iran."

Takht Ravanchi remarked the serious threat posed by Takfiri terrorist groups, the most notorious of them Daesh, in the region and highlighted the fact that Iran assisted Iraq and Syria, following requests from Baghdad and Damascus, to fight the terrorist groups.

He said that Iran continues efforts to fight terrorism, stressing that the efforts would be more effective if the international community adopted a comprehensive and non-discriminatory approach toward the issue.

The MKO has a dark history of assassinations and bomb attacks against the Iranian government and the Iranian people. It notoriously sided with the former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein during the eight-year war. 101/211/215

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