Iranian minster of Cooperatives, Labour, and Social Welfare met his Syrian counterpart on Monday to boost economic and social ties between Tehran and Damascus.

Iran press/Iran news: In an official meeting with his Syrian counterpart, Iran's Minister of Cooperatives, Labour and Social Welfare Mohammad Shariatmadari declared his country's readiness to take part in Syria's reconstruction.

Shariatmadari said "rather than economic activities, we are widely active in social fields and support different strata of society in order to strengthen those in need; we also want to preserve and keep people's dignity.  We can help Syria regarding job creation," Iran Press reported.

Syria needs Iran's support

The Syrian Minister of Social Affairs and Labour Rima Qadiri also for her part referred to Iran and Syria's common outlook for strengthening relationship and stressed that her country needs Iran's support to reconstruct and clear up the devastation left behind by terrorist groups during 8-years of warfare in Syria. 

"Many lost their lives and [the war] impacted our economic and social life. We would be definitely glad to have you beside Syria given your significant expertise," she added, urging Iran to instruct and educate professional manpower in Syria.

Shariatmadari in response said that Iran definitely would share its expertise with Syria in all fields including training and education of personnel and human resources in Syria, noting that Iran's policy is to extend and expand relations with all countries, particularly neighbouring ones.

Qadiri criticised the sanctions imposed on both Syria and Iran and hoped both nations recover from the unfair sanctions. She also expressed hope that the meeting would reflect strong relations between both countries and add another point to make two friendly countries' relation.


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