Iran's First Vice President has said Iran remained committed to the JCPOA and we have given plenty of opportunities to the Europeans, but there is a limit to Iran's patience.

Iran Press/Iran news: Addressing academics and professors at al-Zahra university in Tehran on Monday morning, Es'haq Jahangiri referred to America's abrogation of the JCPOA adding: "After America's withdrawal, Iran showed its strategic patience by abiding by the nuclear deal for well over a year, but of course, there is a limit to our patience."

Referring to a request by the European countries for Iran to remain within the JCPOA  following the unilateral US exit from the landmark multilateral accord, Iran's First Vice President pointedly added: "For over a year now, the Europeans have failed to live up to their promises and commitments under the deal, and they have not succeeded in carrying out any of their obligations under the JCPOA.". 

Es'haq Jahangiri went on to say: "The EU three have asked us for even more time to honour their JCPOA commitments and obligations, but the Europeans have had fourteen months up to now to honour their commitments but they have failed to do so.  Under these circumstances it is logical and natural for the Islamic Republic of Iran to reduce its commitments under the deal." 

Jahangiri laid the blame squarely at the European doorstep, saying: “The European failure to carry out their promises and obligations has directly led to Iran not abiding by some of its commitments under the nuclear accord."

Jahangiri called on the elites to help raise public hope. At the end of his remarks, he said: “We should also handle the international situation in such a way that the US remains isolated, as they have been for many months now.”


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