Jared Kushner unveiled the vicious US-led plan of the 'Deal of a Century', a measure which will be considered satisfying and pleasing for the Zionist regime.

Iran Press/Middle East: Senior advisor to the president of the United States Jared Kushner delivered the opening speech of the so-called ‘Peace for Prosperity’ economic conference on 25 June in Manama, Bahrain, reported Iran Press.

Kushner claims that agreeing on the so-called' economic pathway forward' as the 'necessary precondition for peace.'

The so-called –peace plan allegedly offers prefabricated and untrue solutions to how to increase Palestinian gross domestic product over a 10-year period, create over a million of so-called jobs, and would promise to reduce the poverty rate by 50 percent. It allegedly features so-called $50 billion in investment over the coming decade.

Speaking to the participants of the event, Trump's son in law went on to stress that America has 'not given up on the Palestinians.

ّFurthermore, Hamas and other Palestinian factions have called for a general strike in the Gaza Strip on Tuesday, urging Palestinians to demonstrate in front of the United Nations headquarters in Gaza City. As a result, a general strike started on Tuesday morning in the besieged Gaza Strip in rejection of the Bahrain conference, which deals with the economic portion of the US deal of the century.

Accordingly, Palestinian citizens stopped going to their workplaces, closed businesses. Public transportation also came to a halt, and most of the public and private institutions, including universities, banks, and courts, were shut for the day.104/203

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