Scores of anti-US protesters marched through Tokyo on Saturday, as US President landed in Tokyo for a four-day state visit.

Iran Press/Asia: Some of the demonstrators waved banners and chanted, accompanied by a heavy police presence, while others carried signs criticising the US president and calling for the removal of US military bases in Japan.

The Japanese demonstrators, who called Donald Trump a racist, invited everyone to love others rather than hate them, RT reported.

The protesters described the US government as 'Death Merchant' who only thinks of weapons and arms exports and repeatedly violates human rights.

During Trump's visit he will reportedly take part in a state banquet given by the country's new Emperor Naruhito and is also set to attend a sumo wrestling tournament.

The US president is the first foreign leader to visit the country since the abdication of former Emperor Akihito on April 30 and the subsequent coronation of Naruhito. 101/213


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