Zanjan (IP) - As Iran's week of tourism starts the tourists rush to heart of Zanjan historical urban texture, where lies traditional Laundry room.

Iran Press/Iran news: Concurrent with Iran's week of tourism, the museum and other historical places are being visited by the tourists including Iranians and the foreigners. Iran's week of tourism has been commenced by May 18, which marks the International Museum Day.

For the same reason the tourists have rushed to museums and other places of cultural attractions, reported Iran Press.

At the same time, the museum of anthropology called Zanjan 'Rakhtshooy Khaneh Edifice' (which means  Zanjan laundry room) have been visited by many tourists.

The museum showcases different kinds of traditional costumes, jewelries and the tools and devices used by the Iranian women.

The historical Laundry room is located at the heart of Zanjan historical urban texture, which is located to the west of Iran. 213/203

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