Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said that the biggest power to defend the Islamic establishment comes from the Iranian people.

Iran Press/Iran news: Addressing a gathering of lawyers and legal experts late on Wednesday, Rouhani stressed the need for using the experiences of the judges, lawyers and legal experts in running the affairs. 

Noting that Iran managed to win the views of the Hague’s jury against the US for two times, he said that this a legal honor for the Iranian nation and government, IRNA reported.

The first step in the JCPOA was to prove that the US has no right to impose sanctions on Iran so this success in the field of diplomacy and law is very important, Rouhani said.

In another bill to the International Court on the unlawful confiscation of Iran’s properties by the US, the court issued a vrdict in favor of Iran, the President noted.

Rouhani added that in several other cases similar successes happened as well.

He further contended that legal knowledge and understanding is a might for the nation which enables the country to restore the rights of the Iranian nationals inside and outside the country.

Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran is government of law, he said, noting that “the more we get nearer to the executtion of law, the more we approach legitimacy and vice versa.” 213

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