May 15, 2019 09:07 Asia/Tehran
  • We can replace oil income with non-oil ones: Rouhani

Iranian president has said his country is able to replace oil income with income from non-oil exports.

Iran Press/Iran news: Speaking on Tuesday evening at a meeting of senior officials with the Leader of the Islamic Revolution, President Hassan Rouhani referred to the United States’ decision to stop Iran’s oil exports and disrupt Iran's non-oil exports, as well as psychological pressure, saying, “We will undoubtedly pass this stage with people’s resistance and steadfastness, and better management and planning.”

“We can replace oil incomes with non-oil ones,” added Rouhani, continuing, “With their miscalculations, the Americans thought that they could bring the great Iranian nation to their knees, and they designated dates for this, but the people of Iran stood powerfully with steadfastness.”

Stating that the people, the Leader, the government and the parliament defeated the enemies, he said, “Today, the enemies are working hard, sending their fleet in the morning, and giving phone number in the evening. Of course, we have many phone numbers of them; any date at which they have carried out a crime against the Iranian nation is their real phone numbers.”

He continued, “After the violation of the nuclear deal by the US, we gave enough time to our friends and the European Union to live up to their commitments.”

Rouhani added, “Some mistakenly say that we have given 60 days to them to take action, while we have started on May 8, abandoning two obligations, and will put two other obligations after 60 days.”

He said, “Today, we are taking a great divine test, and will undoubtedly pass through this stage with resistance and steadfastness,” emphasising that with people’s support, tolerance and resistance we can achieve victory. 101

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